C H U R C H   M E D I A

Recent Sermons

November 2018

111818 AM “What Worked Then, Works Now!”

111118 AM “Don’t Give Up, Back Up or Shut Up!”

“111118 Milbournie AM”.

110418 AM “Where Are My Sins?”

102818 AM “I Urge You”

“102818 Milbournie AM”.

October 2018

101418 AM Homecoming


093018 AM Youth Sunday

“093018 Milbournie AM”.

September 2018

092318 PM “We Have A Church Worth Supporting”

“092318 Milbournie PM”.

092318 AM “The Storms Of Life”

090918 AM Pastor Greg Barnes


090218 AM “A Dynamic Church”

090218 AM “A Dynamic Church”